Below is a list of speakers we have put together who are available to enhance your screening event. Speaking fees apply.*

*Arranging a speaker for your screening is to be coordinated directly with the speaker. Jerusalem U is not part of this arrangement and does not take any responsibility for coordination, logistics or payment.

Rebecca Shore, Director and Producer

Shore was a writer on the widely-viewed documentaries Beneath the Helmet and Israel Inside, a popular film that was screened on PBS across the United States. She is an artist, educator and lecturer.

Please note: Rebecca lives in Israel and requires travel expenses.  
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First Lt. (res.) Eden Adler

Eden was Mekonen’s commander in the 101st Paratrooper Brigade basic training base. At the age of 21, he was directly responsible for the lives, safety and operational effectiveness of 42 recruits and three sergeants. Eden led his platoon during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. He continues to serve as a Lieutenant in reserve duty. He grew up in the Western Galilee town of Kfar Vradim and now resides in Jerusalem, where he studies at the Hebrew University.
Please note: Eden will be in the U.S.  from August- October.  
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Bizu Riki Mullu

Riki was among those in the first wave of Ethiopian Jews to make Aliyah to Israel.  
She shares her story, the rich culture of Ethiopian Jewry, and how her community of over 130,000 has coped with absorption in Israel.
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Maly Gadai-Jackson

My Family My Journey My Life Through My Personal Story of Triumph Maly G. Jackson, now 39, walked for 3 weeks from Ethiopia to Sudan together with her mother and baby sister as a seven-year-old fleeing Ethiopia and the reli-gious and political strife that threatened the lives of the Ethiopian Jews. Maly’s father remained in Ethiopia. She and her mother and little sister, age 2, trekked across the desert and forest into Sudan where the risks of life in a refugee camp loomed before them.
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Pnina Agenyahu

Pnina Agenyahu is the Senior Shlicha of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Israel, she served as Director of the Hillel Center at Tel Aviv University. She has extensive international experience in public speaking and teaching, Haaretz has named her as one of Israel’s top 66 influential women, and she was appointed to Israel’s Council for Higher Education. In 2016, Pnina received the Ted B. Farber Professional Excellence Award for her work on the Israel Engagement Fellowship for Teens. She has a BA in Jewish History and Sociology and an MA in Political and Public Leadership.
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