While Mekonen’s story is a successful one, there are still many Israeli immigrants from tough backgrounds who need help to accomplish the type of growth and success Mekonen has achieved.

Many of them are students at the Hodayot School. This is why Jerusalem U is partnering with the school to create the Mekonen Scholarship Fund. Your donation will help give these students the chance to follow in Mekonen’s footsteps and inspire many more with his remarkable story.

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About Hodayot

The Hodayot school was established in June,1950 and is located right past Kibbutz Lavie in the Lower Galilee. The school currently has about 230 students who come from all over the country.

The school offers four tracks designed to give students practical tools they need to succeed in the modern day workforce.

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  1. A law enforcement track- available for both boys and girls.
  2. A life sciences and agriculture track where they grow healing herbs according to the methods of Maimonides.
  3. An education track specifically for students who are interested in early childhood education.
  4. A shop track where students learn about auto-mechanics.

Additionally, there is a new project combining physical education with lessons of Jewish identity and Zionism. This program is designed to prepare students for combat units in the army.

Help others follow in Mekonen’s footsteps

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