Bringing our Brothers and Sisters Home: A messege of hope to the Jews of Ethiopia


A natural leader: Mekonen- from a shepherd of sheep to a commander of men


Lessons To Learn From Mekonen: Hodayot lunch room discussions


Sheep are cuter than soldiers. Mekonen: from Shepherd of Sheep to Commander of Men


The Record Mekonen didn’t break:  A true lesson in humility.


A man of action… Mekonen and Eden discuss his next steps


Love at first sight: Benda- Mekonen’s commander in Officers Training Course


The most difficult test of the army: Mekonen breaks the record


Breaking the Record Barefoot


Reflections… Mekonen’s decision to become a leader.


The Power of Believing in Others: Tom- Mekonen’s Staff Sergeant


If He Can Do It, You Can Do It. Mekonen- a source of inspiration for the kids at his high school


Learning to be Strong from Mekonen: Mekonen inspiring students from his high school


Mekonen’s Motto to Live By: Preparing to receive his new recruits.


A Huge Responsibility: An intimate look into Mekonen’s feelings of responsibility toward his new recruits


Shepherds Make Great Leaders: Mekonen, like some of the greatest leaders of the Jewish People started out as shepherds


Eden’s lego:  The three commanders

Make a difference: The Mekonen Scholarship Fund

Jerusalem U is partnering with the Hodayot School to create the Mekonen scholarship fund.  The money raised through these efforts will help give other high school students the chance to follow in Mekonen’s footsteps as well as help inspire others with his story and personal journey
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